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Do you take my insurance ?

A: We participate and/or accept  most insurance companies for payment ( see full List on "You First Visit)" page).  This 
includes Medicare, Worker's Compensation, and No- Fault Insurance companies.  Many times you may have no out of 
pocket expense or just a small co-payment.


What does a typical treatment consist of?

A: We can only give you your specific treatment plan after a thorough examination, however, a typical treatment plan may consist of the following components.
1) Passive therapy- 10-20 minutes of moist heat or ice therapy with another modality such as electric muscle stimulation.  Other modalities if necessary are also used in some conditions such as ultrasound, combo therapy, cold laser.
2) Manual therapy- Hands on muscle treatment consisting of regional massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, vibrational massage and/or myofascial release.
3) Passive stretching- stretching/Range of Motion exercises to involved region.
4) Chiropractic Adjustment- Utilizing various techniques from non-osseous (no "cracking") to more tradition techniques.


How long should I plan on being in the office?

A: . New Patient visit: 1 hour - 1 hour 15 min.  Subsequent visits: 30 minutes.
Since we usually spend more time with patients performing manual muscle techniques than most other offices you can expect your visit to be slightly longer.  However, if you have time constraints please let us know and we can adjust your treatment accordingly.


Does treatment hurt?

A: Treatment is very safe and relaxing and in most cases you will feel better after a session.  However It is not uncommon to feel mild temporary discomfort during treatment while we are trying to relax muscle spasms and trigger points. Most patients describe it as a "good pain".  This mild soreness is usually less than the pain you came to see us with and only happens in a small percentage of patients, and quickly resolves.  You will realize how much treatment can help.  We will always stay within you comfort level.


What should I wear to the office?

A: You can come as you are.  It adds to your comfort and ease during examination  to wear loose comfortable clothes such as t-shirts, shorts,  and sweat pants, but it is not necessary.  We have many patients that see us before or after work wearing suits and other professional attire.


Do you have parking?

A: Yes.  We have a large parking lot in the rear of the building with plenty of spaces.  You do not have to park on the street or meters like many business in the village.


What are your hours?  Do I need an Appointment?

A:  Our hours are M-Tu-Th-Fri 8:30-7.  We do offer some flexibility with patients that need to come a little earlier or later due to work schedules. Please ask.
Appointments are highly recommended.  We do accept walk-in appointments, especially in emergency cases, however in consideration of our other patients we ask you to call the office to set up an appointment.  This allows us to respect our patients appointment time, and allow enough time to care for you.


Do you offer nutrition counseling and/or supplement/Vitamin recommendations?  If so, do 
you supply the appropriate supplement/Vitamins?

A:  1) Yes, we offer recommendations on which supplement/vitamin would be appropriate for your condition.  General 
advice is given as part of your treatment plan.  However, if you would like a comprehensive evaluation read below.

2)  Yes,  We offer formal dietary  and weight loss management consultations to offer guidance on how to implement a proper dietary weight loss program as well as how to begin an exercise program safely.  This however, is an additional service not covered by your insurance.  Since this service is more comprehensive than general advice given during an office visit it is a separate service from a regular office visit.

3)  No, We do not routinely supply the supplement/vitamin directly from our office.  You may purchase it from your own reliable supplier or If you wish, we can special order it for you, which many times is still cheaper than buying it yourself. We want all our patients to take our nutritional advise seriously, therefore, we voluntarily do not "stock" our shelves with vitamin/supplement bottles to sell to patients for added profit.  We do however, recommend that you purchase your product from a reliable source that provides a quality product.  It is your decision.



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